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The truth about your journey to fitness

Continuity = Results

There is no magic pill to lose weight.  There is no secret eight-week training program that will physically transform your life forever!

What there is though, is the beginning of a new and exciting journey – and guess what?  That journey could be the most rewarding one you’ve ever been on. The sooner you set off and accept that some of the most satisfying journeys take time and commitment, the better your chance of succeeding and enjoying yourself along the way.

We’ve all encountered that person who hits the gym every day in January/February, or that friend who does a short-term crash diet, loses some weight but then gets bored, gives up and ends up right back where they started – sometimes even further behind and totally demotivated.

For the most part, the reason for this is that many popular diets or very intense training programs are unsustainable. In between the stresses of family and working life, it’s hard for anyone to handle anything too extreme, unless of course, you’re a full-time athlete getting paid to exercise!

Here at St Johns, we suggest finding the right type of exercise and nutrition plan to suit the individual. Also making changes to your activity levels (which are realistic) and sticking to them. This is the best (the only) way to get real results. Members who have achieved the most with us are the ones who have really committed to their plans for the long term, not the ones who have made the most changes.

We understand that everyone deserves a treat from time to time, whether it’s a holiday or an evening out. Eating great food and having the odd drink with family or friends is part of our lives, and the social benefits these things bring are so important to our mental health. But there is a very important word that is key to ensuring there are no serious detours on your journey – moderation! Go out, go on holiday and enjoy it, but get back on track ASAP and continue with all the hard work and progress.

Persistence with your exercise program and commitment to healthier eating will ultimately conquer any short-term glory. More than anything, we really want you to enjoy your journey to fitness and make friends along the way. That way, you’ll never look back and wish it hadn’t started.

Thanks for reading.